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What's a PictureBubble?

The interactive panoramic image you see above
is a real photograph of a real place.

A PictureBubble spherical panorama is a cutting-edge form of photography used to capture an entire space in 360° along the horizontal and 180° along the vertical. Unlike traditional photography, PictureBubbles allow us to show every angle of a room or environment of any size, all at once. Additionally, unlike traditional photography, PictureBubbles can capture a much greater range of brightness within a scene. Ever notice how a photograph taken near a sunlit window tends to lose outdoor detail? PictureBubbles show a complete spectrum of exposure, bringing indoor and outdoor detail into harmony within the same scene.

But PictureBubbles are not limited to spherical photography; environments can be linked together to form complex "virtual tours," and PictureBubbles make use of embedded video, sound, and zoom-able interactive content. And geotagging can be used to plant your PictureBubbles accurately on a virtual map of Earth.

The only way to understand how PictureBubbles can enhance your business or organization's online presence is to experience one yourself. Please see our gallery to view samples of our work, read our frequently updated blog, and contact us to discuss your PictureBubbles project!

What's a PictureBubble?

PictureBubbles began in 2007 as a collaboration between Carel Struycken of Spherical Panoramas and Josh Korwin of three steps ahead. With combined expertise in photography and design, and a love for all things creative and technical, the two have found a perfect medium for expression in PictureBubbles.